INA Certification

In the near future, the Association will be offering
neon tube producers a certification based on an actual on-site
inspection by an Association representative. This inspection will be based on
pre-published standards of equipment, shop safety,  environmental considerations,
and personnel training that are considered necessary to consistently produce good quality commercial neon tubes. An accreditation of individual tubebenders (glassblowers) based on experience, a written examination, and a
tubebending proficiency  and accuracy inspection,
will also be offered to sponsors of the Association.

Inspection parameters and standards, and the current status of certification will be available on request to any potential customer of the INA Certified Neon Producer. The certificate is intended to convey that the neon producer has been inspected by a neutral organization and found to have in place continuously trained personnel, and the environment necessary to maintain the highest quality neon product.

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